Dream Making: Candace goes to Thailand

Teaching Thai children the ancient American art of the iPhone


In January 2011, I made one of my long-standing (hey, two years is as long as a goal gets when you’re 24 and eager) dreams come true: traveling to the great and wondrous Thailand. I previously planned this trip with various travel companions across the span of about two years when I finally said, fuggit, I’m doin’ it. Just for me. So, I held my breath, clicked “purchase” for the $1200, 34-hour flight package and proceeded to have panicky dreams throughout that entire cold November night. The most vivid dream I recall is me taking my sweet and obedient germsky (german-shepherd/husky hybrid) pup, Evey with me on the plane so I’d have a spirit guide on this long trip to Asia. Anyway, you can read more in my next post about the driving forces for this trip, but for now, you can read about my Thai activities below.



Buddhist temple stay

Me at Phi Phi Islands (it's pronounced Pee Pee. heh.)



One comment

  1. Hi Candace,

    Scott here from Mundo Exchange here. Thanks for the trackback/link. It sounds like you had a marvellous time!

    I hope you and Erin look after that wolf of yours well and please stay in touch with the gang back in Isaan. We’ll update through the Facebook page (not so often to be a nuisance though!) to let you know our progress.

    Chok Dee!

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